What we value

We value….

†  giving honour and glory to God and celebrating his goodness, in our lives as individuals and when we gather

†  Jesus Christ being at the centre of our personal lives and life as a church.

†  the Holy Spirit as our teacher, empowerer and guide.

†  the Bible as our foundational source of authority and therefore making opportunities for relevant Bible teaching and learning a top priority throughout the life of Deane Parish Church.

†  personal and corporate prayer as being crucial if we are to be a spiritually growing, community-impacting church.

†  being a church where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are valued and welcomed.

†  being a church where anyone can find hope, healing and purpose in Jesus Christ.

†  expressing unconditional love and service to all people, within the church family and beyond.

†  sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people in the Deane area and supporting those who are seeking to do this elsewhere in Manchester Diocese and in the wider world.

† meeting in large and small, formal and informal gatherings to build each other up in the Christian faith through Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

† being a church where every believer is encouraged to use their God-given gifts for the building up of the Body of Christ.


Meet Jesus, walk with Jesus, share Jesus