Ladies retreat

Friday 11th – Saturday 12th February 2022

A 24hr retreat in the beautiful setting of Whalley Abbey. Arriving from 4pm onwards on Friday 11th and departing at 4pm on Saturday 12th February, this is a wonderful opportunity to have a break away, enjoy fellowship, learning together and good food!

The theme of our retreat is ‘Finding rest in the ways of Jesus’.

The cost of the retreat is £88, which includes accomodation and all meals.

The majority of rooms are en-suite, and depending on how many people book in, you should have your own room. If you would be willing to share, if we need the extra capacity, then please let us know on the form below.

If you’d like to come along but the cost, getting there, Covid, or anything else makes you feel like you can’t, then please get in touch with Beccy. We don’t want anybody to miss out on this opportunity if there is something that we can do to help.

Please book by Thursday 20th January, if at all possible. Thank you!

To book a place then please fill in the form below. We will then confirm your booking and send you details of how to pay.

Ladies retreat booking form

Would you be willing to share a room with someone if we need additional capacity?(required)

Do you need transport to Whalley Abbey?(required)

Are you able to offer a lift to someone else if needed?