Ephesians 1 D@6

What we believe

What we believe shapes how we live

What we believe directs us in what we say and do.  At Deane we want to follow Jesus Christ and base our lives on his word and example, so we look to the Bible which we believe is the greatest blueprint for life, and the best way to know for sure what Jesus said and did.


† Always put his Heavenly Father first, choosing to glorify him in everything he did.
† Came to die for us so that we might have life.
† Sent his Spirit to challenge, teach, empower and guide us.
† Spoke about the Bible as the word of God which should be our foundation and principle source of authority.
† Spent time in prayer and thanksgiving.
† Welcomed people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
† Restored people and gave them hope and a new purpose.
† Expressed God’s love.
† Met with people to talk, pray, share fellowship and to help them grow in faith.
† Called people to follow him and serve others.

Is Jesus calling you to follow him?

Meet Jesus, walk with Jesus, share Jesus