Thank you for your interest in supporting Gospel ministry here at Deane Church

Recent teaching on stewardship

Listen to the talks from our series 'Our generous God and our response'


We are committed to being good stewards of the resources which God gives to us.  We recognise that everything that we have comes from God, and we seek to give it back to him in ways which bear fruit for his Kingdom.


The majority of the income that we receive comes from direct giving from the Church family, other donations, any legacies that we receive, and Gift Aid that we are able to claim on donations.


In recent years we have also successfully applied for some grant funding for two specific purposes:

 - the funding of a Youth Pastor post

 - some essential work on our Grade 2* listed building to renew the rainwater gutters and drainage.

Our priorities

We will always seek to invest more in people and mission, than in buildings.  Having said that we recognise our responsibility in maintaining the 2* listed building which is in our care, and we work hard to do what we can to take care of the building.


Our aim would be to increase our giving to mission and charities.  We don't believe that our current 1% is a reflection of the worldwide mission of the church, of which we are a part.


We are always working towards paying the amount that Manchester Diocese ask from us each year, in full.  In some years we have been able to achieve that, and we will continue working towards that aim.



Our income and expenditure for 2019

Total income 2019
Direct giving 2019
Total expenditure 2019

How can you join with us?


We would really value your prayers.  Have a look at our weekly news sheet to see what is going on. Your prayers for any of those groups / ministries / events would be fantastic, because without them it is just activity!


Please pray that we will continue to be obedient and faithful to God in all that we do, and all the decisions that we make.

Regular giving

Regular giving is an invaluable source of income for us. The various ministries at Deane are funded almost entirely by donations.


Knowing that we have a regular amount of money being donated helps us to plan our finances better. 


If you would like to set up a Standing Order then you can use the details below.


If you would like to know about other ways of giving regularly then please contact the Church Office.

One-off donations

You can make a one-off donation, either by using the bank details below, or you can give through easyfundraising. 


To give through easyfundraising just click on the button below.


A legacy can make a huge difference to Gospel ministry at Deane and make an eternal difference in the lives of a great many people. Now that is a legacy worth leaving!


We've developed a policy on how we will use any gifts left to us in this way. We want you to know that we will use gifts left in a will for special projects, and not just for regular upkeep and maintenance, but also that we will respect any particular wishes and interests that you have in the way we use the money left to us.

Gift Aid

Please do remember to Gift Aid any donations that you make if you can.


If you need help to do this then please contact us. You can download a Gift Aid declaration form here.

Details for online banking

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