21 Aug 2022


7:00 pm



Prayer for Healing Service

The Bible has much to say about healing. While we are not promised complete healing this side of Paradise, God does call us to pray for healing, trusting our loving heavenly Father to hear our prayers and to minister to us as he chooses best. We may be looking for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. We may need prayer about a relationship, anxiety or fear. We may have had the joy of the Lord robbed from us or have drifted from a close walk with Jesus and would welcome prayer in these areas of life.

This evening service on 30th July will give more space for prayer for anyone who would welcome this ministry. We will worship God in song, be encouraged from God’s word, and members of the clergy and of a wider prayer ministry team will be available to pray with you. Everything shared with the prayer team will remain confidential. There will be various prayer stations and the anointing with oil will be available. All welcome.