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Find out how Jesus has changed the lives of people at Deane church and beyond.

I had no idea I was loved so much

Serena (in the middle) shares here story…

“I have been a part of Deane Church for 4 years. I first started coming when I was a member of the 14s-18s youth group. Before attending church I had very little knowledge of God. I also had no idea that I was loved so much by him and that I would begin an amazing journey with him. In 2011, a year after starting to attended Deane Church, I made a decision to give my life to Jesus Christ and it was the best thing I ever did. Since then I have grown a lot in my faith and I’ve become more confident in telling my friends and family what I believe. I’ve seen people who are close to me give their lives to God
because I told them about my faith. In 2013 I did the Discipleship Explored Course which was really fun and I enjoyed studying the Bible with lots of people I didn’t know very well. Being at Deane Church is amazing because of how friendly and supportive everyone is. I have sometimes had my doubts about God but by studying the Bible and with encouragement from people at Deane, those doubts were soon gone.”