Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2022

We will be holding our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Monday 25th April 2022, 7:30pm in Deane Church.

The meeting is in two parts:

  1. The Annual Meeting of Parishioners

This meeting may be attended by anyone who is one the church electoral roll of the parish, and anyone resident in the parish whose names are on the register of local government electors.

At this meeting we will appoint the Churchwardens for the Parish (up to 3 from Deane and 2 from St Andrew's, Over Hulton)

2.  The Annual Parochial Church Meeting

At this meeting we will elect 15 lay representatives to the Parochial Church Council (7 from Deane and 8 from St Andrew's, Over Hulton).

In preparation for this meeting we have prepared an annual report for 2021, which includes reports on various aspects of church life at both Deane and St Andrew's, Over Hulton.  Do have a read through the report.  There is much to celebrate and give thanks for.

The report includes the accounts for Deane and St Andrew's, Over Hulton separately.  In addition you can view the consolidated accounts for the Parish as a whole here.

Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll for Deane is available to view here.