Youth at Deane

Youth Work – Pathfinders and IN-SYNC


The whole theme of our youth ministry is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, which can only be achieved by the Holy Spirit through the honest and raw engagement of studying the word of God, the Bible.

We do this by making sure our teaching is prayerful, accessible and engaging through study, discussion and activities.

We believe our first command is to make disciples of Christ, the overflow of that is Christians that want to love and serve their families, church and community through the power of Christ.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20

Our full-time Youth Pastor is Daniel Booth.  You can contact Daniel on 07485 097 654 directly/WhatsApp or for more information about our youth work. (This role is currently part-time due to covid-19)

You can also see what we are doing on Instagram

What we are doing:

Currently all the youth work is online due to covid-19 restrictions.

We continue to meet on a Sunday night, but via Zoom.  There are 2 groups split by school years.

All of our members have been gifted a Bible from the church.

Years 6-8 meet at 1900-1800

Years 9-14 meet at 2015-2115

The session generally consists of, but delivered in various ways:

15 minutes Getting everyone online, then we share our highlights and challenges from the week.

15 minutes Bible Study.

Year 6-8 are studying Genesis in the start of our Bible overview series.

Year 9-14 have been looking at “Where does our hope come from?” and will be doing ‘the 4 points’ series.

15 minutes  playing various games; scavenger hunts has been a favourite and the youth run these sessions now.

15 minutes in prayer, encouraging the youth to pray for each other.

Back Yard Bible Studies

When lockdown restrictions allow we meet the youth outside at their properties for Bible study and pastoral ministry.  These meetings started with no agenda and have taken different formats of teaching to reflect the young person.

Youth Talks (coming soon)

We’ll be releasing regular sermons/talks on video voa youtube really soon!

Youth Pastor Update September 2020

At the end of March, with news of Coronavirus and the impact of lockdown it was decided to furlough the Youth Pastor role. With the news in June of being able to meet face to face in small groups we reinstated the Youth Pastor role on a part time basis on the 1st July 2020 (which it still is today).

A stipulation of furlough meant I couldn’t do anything that would be considered part of my job description and therefore I was unable to have any contact with our youth for the months of April, May & June. This was such a difficult time not being able to be there for the youth given the epidemic we were navigating through, but I had a stark reminder that Our God is Sovereign and He has his eyes on them.

As soon as I was back part time, my first priority was to meet the young people. By this point, like most I was fed up with zoom meetings and so what I did was to meet young people face to face at their properties. We’d meet in their back gardens, socially distant, but with no time restraint on the basis to meet, rebuild relationships and to study the Bible. This was an unbelievably fruitful time, but before I could get around to everyone we were put into local lockdown on the 1st August 2020.

The new lockdown guidelines meant we could no longer meet in private gardens. After speaking to the Diocesan Youth Officer I was able to get up to speed with all online procedures and protocol. Within a week we were able to get all the consent forms filled out and we had our first online zoom meeting on the 9th August. The first group was an open age group but the following Sundays since then have been split into 2 sessions, school year 6-8 meet online 1900-2000 and school years 9+ meet online 2015-2115. The opportunity to split the groups into more age appropriate groups has been beneficial to the social interactions and the teaching. Especially since we’ve had some new people join us who are starting year 6 now. There are still a few people I’ve not managed to reach but you are on my list and I have a Bible for you too!

Between the backyard Bible studies and consent forms, I have managed (thanks to the church) to ensure that everyone has one of our Soul Survivor Youth Bibles, so even when we meet online, we all have the same Bibles to study from.

Having an online presence has had its advantages too. We’ve seen more regular attendance of the youth and some of the youth that can’t regularly meet us  in person have been able to join us online. We are also hopeful in this opportunity to get more young people involved across Deane & Lostock church.

Due to the current circumstance with lockdown we will continue to meet every Sunday night online running the 2 sessions. This session involves catch up, games, Bible teaching and a time for prayer. We are currently working through Ephesians, the aim is to have a deeper understanding of the text, for example, we’ve spent the last 3 weeks going over Ephesians 1:3-14. The aim is to equip young people to search deeply into the text by providing them with the tools for Biblical expositions.

As soon as we are able to meet face to face I will be restarting backyard Bible studies. Meeting in groups is great but having smaller group time to study is invaluable. To do that online I am in need of volunteers please! Can you share an hour of your week to join a small group Bible study? The groups will be 2 adults to 2/3 young people. I will lead the session and be happy for you to get involved as much or as little as you like. The more people we can have then the more young people we can reach and the more regular we can meet.

Finally I will be putting a youth service online on the churches YouTube account in the next few weeks. You can also keep an eye on what we are up to via our Instagram account youth.deanechurch.

Finally, finally, prayer…. None of this would be possible without prayer! Please can you pray for our youth, pray that they are able to join us on a Sunday night and that they have the provisions of technology and access to the internet. Pray that in-between  sessions that they are convicted to read their Bible and search for a relationship with Our Father.

A special special thank you to the ever present and willing Kath and Chris, without their ongoing dedication, then most of what I do would be unachievable. Thank you.


Sunday morning: Pathfinders – Yrs 6-10 (This session is currently suspended due to covid-19)

The group meets every 2nd & 3rd Sunday. We meet at church with the congregation and then go over to the church centre at 10:40am.

This is the best time to get stuck into our Bible teaching and we are currently going through 1 Peter. We have more time in this group to work through the text and explore questions about the context and what it means for us today.

Each term we have a different member of the congregation come and share their most inspiring verses of scripture, what it means to them and the effect that it has had on their life. At Deane we are keen to encourage an inter-generational congregation, where we encourage each other, share our wisdom and experience, and use the gifts that we all have to offer.

“We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done.” Psalm 78:4

Sunday evening: IN-SYNC – Yrs 6-13 (This session is currently suspended due to covid-19)

Our youth group meets every Sunday evening from 7:00 – 8:30pm in Deane Church Centre.   The group is for Yrs 6 – 13.

It’s a quality time for fellowship, discussions and Bible teaching with great opportunities to explore questions about life and faith. We are currently studying through the book John.

We make our own food from Pancakes to Pizzas! In between all that we still find plenty of time for games and activities!

Summer Camps (This session is currently suspended due to covid-19)

We are keen for our young people to get involved in summer camps.  They provide a great opportunity to meet others of the same age who are wanting to learn more about God, to make new friends and to have the input of other Christian adults in their lives.


This summer we are not going to Yorkshire Camps due to corona virus but we intend to go back when we can!

You can find out more about Yorkshire Camps on their website:

Here’s a little video that will give you a flavour of what to expect:



All of our children and young peoples’ group leaders are DBS checked and are expected to work in line with the Safeguarding Policies and Procedures of Manchester Diocese. More details of our commitment to safeguarding can be found here.


Meet Jesus, walk with Jesus, share Jesus