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John’s Gospel: Written so that you may believe

John's Gospel

September – December

Jesus and his Kingdom: Matthew’s Gospel

March – April

Joshua: An overview


January – March

To the Church write…

Revelation series 2018

January – February


Jesus and his Kingdom: Matthew’s Gospel

Jesus and his kingdom

17th September – 3rd December

The things that matter: A series in Matthew

The things that matter

11th June – 27th August

What the Bible says about marriage and singleness

Marriage and Singleness

7th May, 21st May and 25th June

Resurrection Realities

Resurrection realities

16th – 30th April

King David points us to King Jesus

David and Jesus

19th March – 9th April

Finding protection under the wings of God

Finding Protection

19th February – 12th March

Making the most of all that God gives us


8th January – 12th February


Jesus God’s Plan

Autumn 2016

27th November – December

Living God’s Way

Autumn 2016


Jesus cares

Autumn 2016


Jesus our Saviour

Autumn 2016


Some Psalms for the Summer

Psalms for the summer


BIG Bible Words

Big Bible Words

April – July

Easter 2016



Rooted and built up in Jesus: A series in Colossians

Rooted and built up

January – March


In the beginning: A series in Genesis

Genesis 1

September – November

 Jesus is my Saviour: A series in Luke

Jesus my Saviour

May – August

The Bible and…

The Bible and

June – July 

When God seems distant: A series on prayer

When God seems distant

February – March


Body Building: A series in 1 Corinthians

Body Building

September – January 2015

To the ends of the earth: A series in Acts

To the ends of the earth

May – August



January – March

Godly Lives for the Gospel: A series in 1 Timothy

Godly lives for the Gospel

January – March


God is: A series exploring the character of God

God is

September – November

Our pursuing God: The book of Jonah

Our pursuing God

July – August

To the church write: Letters in the book of Revelation

To the church write

June – July

A dream: The life of Joseph in the book of Genesis

A dream

January – April


Bible Characters

Bible characters

September – November

In the footsteps of Paul: Acts 9 – 17

In the footsteps of Paul

July – August

Life Matters: What the Bible says about life issues

Life Matters

May – July

Strangers in this world: A series in 1 Peter

Strangers in this world

June  – July

Songs from the Psalms

Songs from the Psalms

May – June

Marks of a healthy Church

Marks of a healthy church

March – April

Meet Jesus, walk with Jesus, share Jesus